The power of a grilled cheese

Like most people, there are a few things in my life which instantaneously make me think about my time in college.

Yes, the majority of these are alcohol-related, a great deal of them are food-related, and almost all of them include Hannah. My favorite memory, in fact, includes all three of these things.

One of the greatest pieces of knowledge that I obtained through my 6 years at MSUM was that a good grilled cheese can solve a lot of problems.

Upset about a grade on a paper that Hamrick gave you? Grilled cheese.

Tripped up the stairs at the CMU in front of a bunch of people? Grilled cheese.

Your best friend dragged you to a party you didn’t want to go to by promising to make you a grilled cheese when you got home, but she was too drunk to make said grilled cheese by the time you get home? Still a grilled cheese – that you make for yourself while drunk then eat while listening to said friend puke her guts out.

See? Grilled cheese can fix a whole range of issues!

I’m not sure what it was that put this glorious concoction of melty cheese between two pieces of toast onto a pedastal, but I’m pretty damn happy that it did.

So tonight, while I’m whining about being on duty and agonizing over the amount of things I need to get done before I leave for Minnesota next week, I’m munching on a grilled cheese made with two kinds of cheeses and everything feels right in the world.

If only for now.

Until later,

cheers. xx