The power of a grilled cheese

Like most people, there are a few things in my life which instantaneously make me think about my time in college.

Yes, the majority of these are alcohol-related, a great deal of them are food-related, and almost all of them include Hannah. My favorite memory, in fact, includes all three of these things.

One of the greatest pieces of knowledge that I obtained through my 6 years at MSUM was that a good grilled cheese can solve a lot of problems.

Upset about a grade on a paper that Hamrick gave you? Grilled cheese.

Tripped up the stairs at the CMU in front of a bunch of people? Grilled cheese.

Your best friend dragged you to a party you didn’t want to go to by promising to make you a grilled cheese when you got home, but she was too drunk to make said grilled cheese by the time you get home? Still a grilled cheese – that you make for yourself while drunk then eat while listening to said friend puke her guts out.

See? Grilled cheese can fix a whole range of issues!

I’m not sure what it was that put this glorious concoction of melty cheese between two pieces of toast onto a pedastal, but I’m pretty damn happy that it did.

So tonight, while I’m whining about being on duty and agonizing over the amount of things I need to get done before I leave for Minnesota next week, I’m munching on a grilled cheese made with two kinds of cheeses and everything feels right in the world.

If only for now.

Until later,

cheers. xx


Thoughts from places: Sean’s sofa

Sometimes we just need to be with friends.

I didn’t know what my friend structure was going to look like upon moving to Massachusetts, but I’m happy to know that I have coworkers who I can call my friends and that they’ll have my back.

Tonight has been a full-on heart-to-heart full of chats about politics, our love lives, work, and so much more.

And while this blog will not go into detail, I hope it’s enough to remind you why it’s important to have some sort of support system, no matter where you are in your life. Or perhaps this is your sign to contact that one friend who you’ve been missing for a while and invite them back into your circle.

For me, tonight I’m thankful that Sean is not only my coworker, but one of my closest friends. I’ll be forever comforted by knowing that he was the first person to welcome me into my job at Curry.

Until tomorrow,

cheers. xx

When Hannah comes to town

Hannah’s in town for the weekend.

And that means I’ve drank more alcohol in less time time than it takes to make fun of a friend for wearing “50 shades of grey.”

In fact, I was coerced a short while ago to help finish off das boot. It was rough. But it was worth it.

I know. That makes us sound like alcoholics. But it isn’t the case.

I hate being drunk, but I love how alcohol makes you lose your inhibitions and say the things that you’ve been forcing yourself to pretend you aren’t thinking. Alcohol makes you raw and real. It makes you be the person that you don’t want to show the world. It removes your mask and makes us all vulnerable and perfect.

So I find myself now, on the eve of A Very Ryan Thanksgiving Remix, sitting in Sulley’s living room listening to all the friends that Hannah has bridged for me talk about their lives and the very real thoughts in their heads.

“I had a headache and she told me to shove an ice cube up my ass to relieve it!” “That sounds like an ice hole enema!” — both lines that I just heard in the past five minutes.

Now I know it sounds like I’m telling everyone that they should consume alcohol, but let me put it straight: I won’t push someone to drink who doesn’t want to. The point of this post is to celebrate the beautiful creatures that people can become when they’ve lost some of the control that they hold on themselves.

“Oh that’s bread. That’s bread! Oh that’s bread too!”

“You’re touching the sliced bread like that?!”

“Sliced bread gets me hard, Hannah!!”

And then the conversation switched and suddenly:

“We’re adults, Sullivan! We need cool facts to have conversations now!”


“I was building a bananagram palace…!”

The thing about these friends, however, is that we don’t even have to have alcohol to make us say these things, the lack of sobriety just makes everything more epic and a hundred times more hilarious.

Tomorrow holds another adventure and a plethora of quotes, so check back in to see where these silly friends of mine bring me.

Have a lovely evening, lovelies.

Until tomorrow,


These days.

I’ve been feeling pretty down these days for one reason or another.

My anxiety has gotten a little goofy, my sleep schedule decided to wig out, and I just don’t feel like I’m connecting with people like I used to.

I mean, it’s probably because I graduated. Let’s be real: Going from seeing a bunch of people every single day, sitting in classes, having intellectual conversations about literature or life experiences to solely waiting tables hasn’t really been working for me.

My friends are all graduating in a couple weeks. Many of them have been offered jobs or internships. More are leaving the Fargo/Moorhead area to go pursue their dreams elsewhere. And yeah. I know I already graduated. But it doesn’t feel like an accomplishment when even your university doesn’t make a big deal about winter graduates. I graduated EARLY for cripes sake.

Maybe I’m just feeling extremely left behind by the people that I hold near and dear to my heart as they go off to bigger things.

And I’m still here.

Yes. I recognize that getting a masters degree is something to brag about (slightly). I recognize that the opportunities that will arise from this could potentially be fantastic. And I recognize that in the end, this will all be worth it.

It just hurts a little to know that I’m solidly becoming “The Forgotten Friend.”

Sometimes I’ll see people out and about and they’ll literally say things like, “Oh hey Melynda. I forgot you existed.” Gee. Thanks.

I’ve even got some friends who won’t invite me to things until they physically see me and then tack me on to the end of their plans. But I guess it’s not their fault entirely. Maybe I’m just a forgettable person.

Or maybe not so much.

Friends, I got some news this morning that brought a little sunshine to my day. It’s not something that I can really make public at the very moment, but it will be soon.

It makes knowing that I’m in Moorhead at MSUM for another two-ish years a whole lot more bearable and honestly, I can’t stop smiling about it.

And surprisingly, it’s made me confident in myself again. Who knew that a five-minute phone call could do so much.

I’m not saying that this clears everything up. The anxiety monster still sits on my chest, and I’m sure that I’ll be losing sleep again tonight because my body doesn’t know how to be normal, but things are looking up, my dears. Things are looking up.

On an unrelated note, it is my mummy and daddy’s 25th wedding anniversary today and I couldn’t be more happy to have them both as my parents. Perhaps a post will come soon on the two of them. Or maybe I’ll just be a bump on a log as per usual.

Until next time,