Perhaps this title will entice people to come read just as “PenisPenisPenis” did.

Or maybe it will scare people away instead as I talk briefly (or not) about my birthday.

I guess the numbers will soon tell.

So yes. It is my birthday today. I turned 22 on this glorious 26th day of November and to be perfectly honest, it kind of just felt like another day.

I’ve talked to people who are much older than I am who say that their birthday is just another day as well, but I never thought that it would happen so soon for me. I never thought that on my 22nd birthday I would feel like it was just another day.

And maybe this is just because it’s a Monday and everyone is busy with work and school and panicking about the end of the semester (much like I am) and are just too busy to come out and celebrate with me. But it’s okay. Because today has had some fantastic highlights to make my ordinary, just-another-day day feel a little bit more special.

First, my Facebook has been blowing up. And it’s actually kind of annoying to look at my phone and have so many little blue notifications show up, but I guess it has cheered me up a bit during the day. Especially when I know that I’m the type of person who will unfriend people on their birthdays when I realize that I don’t care enough about them to wish them a happy birthday. Yep. You just learned a little bit about Melynda and how she views Facebook and the world.

Next, I received two phone calls today. And I hate that I missed both of them, but the messages that were left made my day so awesome that I was actually smiling and laughing while holding the phone to my ear as I listened to them. The first was from my grandmother on my mum’s side who, even though I told her approximately ten years ago that I don’t like her singing, sang me happy birthday over the line. Sometimes it’s the small things in life like hearing your grandmum’s voice that make all the stressful things in your life feel a little less stressful. The second was from one Michael Schreifels whose booming voice makes me smile with a single syllable. I was able to call him after class and I had a very lovely conversation with him. Gosh I miss him.

Then I went to have supper with nine other amazing and beautiful ladies who make my life full of awesome and fight against world suck all at the same time. I’m so happy that they were all able to make the time to come hang out with me and rock my life.

Following this, we went to Buck’s. There’s just something about getting a 42-ounce bucket of liquor for free that makes going to such a sketchy bar so much more worth it. And there’s also something to be said about the friends who are willing to drink with you on a Monday night when they all willingly know that they have class in the morning or papers to write tonight. I’m positive that these are the friends worth keeping in my life.

And finally, wrapping the whole night off with my third trip into Kroll’s tonight. I drew an Octopus for Anna. It was a terrible drawing, but I had fun doing it. His name was Otto. A quick drive to a lovely person’s apartment ended my night. And gosh was it a wonderful five minutes standing outside their door. :]

So all in all, this really wasn’t just another day. It was special in its own weird way that only I could appreciate. Just because my birthday is on a Monday doesn’t mean that it has to be another day. It can be anything that I want it to be. And I’m confident in saying that it was the best day of my life so far.

Tomorrow we’ll chat about some random topic that I have yet to decide on. Perhaps the boy in my class who was reading his own book inside of our textbook during a lecture? It’s kind of adorable. But I guess you’ll just have to tune in tomorrow to find out exactly what I’ll write about.

So until tomorrow,


Oh. And P.S.: My dearest Becky: You make my life awesome. I would not trade your friendship for anything in the entire world. Thank you for being my friend. Yes, I will marry you. :]


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